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Virtual tour of a High school

Here is an example of a virtual tour of a high school. As you will see, this Matterport virtual tour allows you to visit the entire establishment.

It is possible to integrate vignettes / pastilles (mattertag) in order to provide indicative information or links to various media (school website, videos, etc.).

This virtual visit will allow students and parents to discover the school. Interesting in these periods of confinement ...

visite virtuelle d'un lycée - Plan 3D
visite virtuelle d'un lycée

Example of a virtual tour of a high school


We offer the realization of virtual tours of French museums and monuments.

Thus, you make our heritage accessible to all!
The immersive 3D virtual tour is of remarkable quality thanks to the 4K shots.

Much more than a simple virtual tour, you can add interactive zones / tags to animate your virtual tours. So for example, you can use these interactive virtual tours on tablets that you make available to visitors like an audio / video guide.

4K quality virtual tours; Interactivity with videos, texts, images, URL link to other sites; Accessible by Internet 24/7; Accessible on tablets in video-guide mode; Share your heritage and make visitors want to come and see it in real life.