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in complete confidence

With immersive 3D virtual tours, your customers know that what they see online is really what the place will be.

By providing the most realistic representation possible, visitors feel more confident and are more inclined to book.


Attract event planners

Show event planners how your space could be the perfect location.

By allowing them to see and explore the places in 3D, you will save time on site visits and you can receive more events.

visites virtuelles pour l'évènementiel
Examples of virtual tours for rental

Hotels: present your rooms and meeting rooms

Virtual tours allow hotels to present their amenities and services:
  • Entrance hall, reception, lounge, bars, restaurants, etc.
  • Visit of each type of room
  • Meeting rooms
  • Reception halls

By carrying out personalized virtual tours you can make your visit interactive and provide access to various documentation and your website for reservations.

Highlight your flatshare

Flat share is more and more fashionable.

It is therefore necessary to know how to differentiate: Students, very fans of new technologies, will appreciate the virtual tours of your roommate.

This will give you a better chance of attracting potential roommates who can visit your property remotely and select a room more easily and quickly.

Here is an example of a shared apartment located in Poitiers. With this virtual tour, you will be able to visit the different rooms and common areas.

So if you know any students looking for a room… don't hesitate 🙂

Show your rentals to your future customers

Click on the play button on your left to visit this example of a cottage located in the Bordeaux region and which is rented on the platforms  AirBnb, Booking and The good corner

This virtual tour allows tenants to walk around your property intended for rental. So they reserve your property with confidence.

Your property is thus enhanced and will be more easily rented.

Order your "IMMO virtual tour pack" by clicking here.

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We offer, not simple, but enriched ones that allow you to get the must of today.

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